Frequently Asked Questions

Note: These responses are based on discussions with the Blackboard Collaborate staff and are not to be considered official information.

How long will Wimba be supported?
The current version of Wimba CLassroom will be supported through January 2015.

How long will the Wimba hosted recordings be available?
Recordings will be available through August 2015.

Will there be a parallel implementation with both Wimba and Collaborate working in full production simultaneously?
Current licensees of Wimba Classroom and Elluminate are eligible for Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing support for dual access. This means you will be able to run both platforms simultaneously.

Will Collaborate have building-blocks to link with Georgia View Vista?
No, those wanting that integration with the LMS will need to use Wimba Classroom or Elluminate Live. However, the team responsible for the migration to D2L will be handling that orientation for the new MLS. Details should be available in the spring.