The Digital Innovation Group

Enhancing The Learning Experience

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The Digital Innovation Group @ Georgia College
is an initiative of Georgia College
Georgia's Public Liberal Arts University

Our Story

Our name, “The Digital Innovation Group”, was selected after much thought. The use of the term "Group" carries the significance. In the beginning, many thought we should be a center; however, a center is a location that people utilize. Our Group represents an effort to bring together resources for collaboration, matching challenges with solutions. By erasing the lines between public and private, K-12 and higher education, academic and corporate/community, a synergy is being developed.

Visit the DI Group menu item to read about our Mission Statement. You will find an assemblage of vendors, corporations and agencies recognized as Associates. The focus for these supporters, chosen after a review of support potential, is active involvement in sustaining our mission statement. The Digital Innovation Group is a dynamic entity as it continues this exciting journey. Check back to see who has joined this excitement.